Villainess With Cat Changing System

Author: Xiao Lan

Translator: Xiao Wentian

Editor: Kirishima Ririka

Disclaimer: This is free translations, please only read at letsyuri dot wordpress dot com instead of aggregations thanks. All the copyrights belong to the author.

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  Chapter 20: How do you want me to thank you?

  “President Huo, don’t joke around. We have apologized to Miss Lin, we won’t make jokes like again this in the future.” The short-haired woman’s face went pale, and several people looked at Huo Yu’s embarrassed face.
  “So when you have apologized and then you wanted me to let this matter go? How is that possible! Since you guys don’t want to take off your clothes and go to the washroom, then each of you will pay Lin Shuwei half a million in compensation. If you don’t give it, I’m willing to spend money to seal you off.” Huo Yu said as she crossed her arms and looked at them.
  At this time, Huo Yu’s body was cold and dignified, and the temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees.
  Women instinctively felt a little scared, their faces turned worse.
  Half a million, they participated in this program, its almost all the filming fee they had in their hands.
  It was said that Miss Huo wasn’t easy to mess with, and they finally experienced it for once.
  “President Huo, I’ll give half a million. We were wrong to do this. I’m very sorry. I won’t rob Miss Lin on a deserted island, I’ll get along with Miss Lin.” The short-haired woman heard Huo Yu’s said brow furrowed, and said with a great difficulty, showing goodwill to Huo Yu.
  Half a million was a small amount for Huo Yu, but it was painful for them, but without some works, and if they were being really hated by Huo Yu, Huo Yu would really spend money to seal her off like she has said.
  Huo Yu let them pay for the money to Lin Shuwei, which in the end isn’t still enough to Huo Yu, but also indirectly gave Huo Yu a bit of intersection.
  “Good. What about you two?” Huo Yu looked at the other two women.
  “I, I, I’ll pay!” The woman in purple said, clearly afraid.
  “I’ll pay too!” The voluptuous-looking woman was a bit reluctant, and looked at Huo Yu with a hint of resentment in her eyes.
  “Fine, I’ll have my assistant call you.” Huo Yu said indifferently.
  After Huo Yu said that, she heard footsteps, not wanting to meet with Lin Shuwei again, she turned around and walked away, not taking many steps, Huo Yu heard a report from 006.
  “Ding, Lin Shuwei misses the host, happiness value -10.”
  “This woman, is there a mistake?! I’m here, what’s there to miss about!” Huo Yu stumbled and almost fell over, her ears quietly flushed and her face heated up again.
  “No, it’s probably missing the cat!” Huo Yu exhaled and tried to continue walking, she suddenly realized that Lin Shuwei was thinking of her own cat.
  Lin Shuwei was off work now, so was she planning to go to see her cat, right!?
  No way! She hasn’t been a human being for a while!
  “President Huo… “ Huo Yu stilled her body and bit her teeth, just in time to hear Lin Shuwei’s slightly breathless voice.
  “Are you all packed up? Follow me out! I have something to say to you!” Huo Yu sucked in her breath and turned around, seeing Lin Shuwei was dressing up and coming over with her things, Huo Yu said something to Lin Shuwei before she turned out.
  Lin Shuwei hurriedly changed her clothes and rushed out with Huo Yu’s coat wanting to give it back to Huo Yu before thanking her
  In the end, she heard that Huo Yu was even unforgiving to those people, as if she herself had been locked up for a long time.
  Lin Shuwei’s heart was a little complicated, but when she heard Huo Yu asked her to follow her, she hurriedly followed her out.
  The few women left behind were now a little envious of Lin Shuwei.
  This Lin Shuwei must have hugged a great thigh that even someone like Huo Yu succumbed;
  “President Huo, your clothes are wet, you can wear your coat, it’s cold outside!” Lin Shuwei quickly followed Huo Yu and said.
  “No need! My car is right outside!” Huo Yu said in disgust.
  Huo Yu’s car was parked right outside, a red sports car.
  Lin Shuwei saw it, it looked extremely well, like a gorgeous and arrogant woman, like its owner.
  “Get in.”Huo Yu opened the door to get in and told Lin Shuwei.
  Lin Shuwei’s hair was still a little wet, a few strands of hair on her cheeks, just like doing a wet law styling, completely plain, beautiful pure and flawless, crystal clear.
  Huo Yu looked right in front of her and didn’t look back.
  “Just now I asked each of them to pay half a million to you. They all agreed, and I’ll let my assistant operate when the time comes. You don’t have to refuse, and they’ll think you’re good to be bullied if you don’t let them know that they need to pay for their wrongdoings.” Huo Yu said after Lin Shuwei got into the car.
  “Thank you, President Huo. Thank you very much today!” Lin Shuwei looked at Huo Yu’s cold eyes and lowered lips, which looked like she couldn’t be denied, and was stunned, busy saying thank you to Huo Yu.
  “Do you think your verbal thanks are enough repayment for what has happened today?” Huo Yu looked at Lin Shuwei and asked.
  “… President Huo, what kind of thanks do I need to do?” Lin Shuwei paused to ask.
  If Huo Yu wasn’t a girl and Lin Shuwei knew very clearly that she liked Cheng Haoxuan, otherwise, Lin Shuwei would have to think that Huo Yu was hinting at sexual things.
  This thought instantly died out.
  How could it be?
  “My assistant is busy with other things, so you’ll be my second assistant for some days, and promised to be on my beck and call. I have a schedule for your work, I won’t call you while you’re working. One and a half million you have gotten is an early paycheck. What do you think?” Huo Yu said.
  Huo Yu looked cold, but in her heart, she praised herself for this plan.
  She, as a human could supervise Lin Shuwei, so that she had no way to see her cat body.
  It gave her peace of mind, she could accept the money and increased her happiness value, allowing her to pay back the money Lin Shuwei has spent for her sister’s surgery.
  Only a genius like her could have come up with that.
  “Okay, fine. What do I need to do?” Lin Shuwei said.  
  “Carry bags, get stuff, remind itineraries, buy stuff! Do what I tell you to do! No need to be too formal.” Huo Yu said with a domineering face, but she carefully looked at Lin Shuwei’s face.
  She remembered the days of being a cat was grovelling enough, and now Huo Yu couldn’t pull off a good tone, and she was still afraid that Lin Shuwei’s happiness value would drop.
  “Mm. No problem.” Lin Shuwei echoed.
  Huo Yu had started the car and she knew that Lin Shuwei’s happiness value hadn’t even dropped, Huo Yu finally let out a sigh of relief.
  After what Lin Shuwei had just experienced, she did want to see her cat, but now that Huo Yu had asked her to follow her, she could only suppress her thoughts for the time being.
  Lin Shuwei was still a little puzzled by Huo Yu’s actions, but so far it looked like Huo Yu isn’t doing anything against her.
  It was true that Huo Yu had just solved her predicament.
  But given what Huo Yu had done before, Lin Shuwei was still a little wary of her.
  Huo Yu drove to a western restaurant and ordered a table of food for Lin Shuwei to follow, and Lin Shuwei watched which one Huo Yu ate as well as which one she followed.
  After eating a meal, Lin Shuwei only had one feeling.
  Sweet, too sweet!
  The calories is really high!
  Cream, cheese, chocolate, etc., they were all high in calories.
  Lin Shuwei didn’t expect Huo Yu to be a sweet tooth, it didn’t match her appearance at all.
  And eating so many high-calorie foods in the middle of the night and yet she still could maintain her figure so well!
  The expression on her face when she was eating had a very happy and contented look, giving Lin Shuwei the illusion that she probably hadn’t eaten for many days, and she looked a bit cute.
  Lin Shuwei was right about this, Huo Yu had indeed hasn’t eaten human food for many days, and had been suffocating for a long time, so when she arrived at the restaurant, she ordered a bunch of her favorite food, and didn’t refrain from eating it.
  After eating and drinking enough, Huo Yu took Lin Shuwei to the beauty salon.
  Lin Shuwei acted as a storage closet, helping Huo Yu take things from the bag, waiting Huo Yu in the room to do massage and facial.
  Before, whenever Lin Shuwei saw President Huo Yu, President Huo Yu always had makeup, did not think of Huo Yu’s face, or her delicate red lips, thoroughly white skin without any trace of impurities, even with no make up she still looked charming and beautiful.
  It was also a top-notch appearance in the entertainment circle.
  “What are you looking at! Pack up and go!” Huo Yu came out dressed and her face turned hot again as she noticed Lin Shuwei’s eyes, and turned fierce and cold to Lin Shuwei.
  “Mm.” Lin Shuwei quickly looked away and packed up her things for Huo Yu, following her to leave.
  Although Huo Yu’s attitude towards Lin Shuwei was still bad, but Lin Shuwei felt no malice and didn’t resent it.
  It was already after 9 pm, Huo Yu didn’t want Lin Shuwei to have time to go over to the cat’s heaven to see the cat, so she took Lin Shuwei to the nightclub with her.
  Huo Yu used to love fun and excitement, and would often go clubbing at nightclubs, clubs and bars with her friends.
  Being a cat these days was the only few days without the usual routine.
  The nightclub Huo Yu went to was owned by a friend, and Huo Yu had a fixed room there, so sometimes when she got tired after clubbing, she spent the night there.
  Huo Yu hadn’t been there for many days, and saw many acquaintances, she greeted them very familiarly, and two of them pulled her in to chat.
  “You haven’t been here for many days, so you don’t know, Cheng Haoxuan, he has a new lover recently. He’s got a new lover. He’s here today and he’s in a steamy battle. You have to give that woman a piece of your mind!” One of those two women said to Huo Yu. They had been told by Huo Yu before to pay attention to Cheng Haoxuan, so they would tell Huo Yu when they met her.
  Huo Yu’s face changed when she heard what this woman has said.
  Her feelings for Cheng Haoxuan couldn’t disappear that easily.
  Cheng Haoxuan was handsome and rich, and there were countless women who stuck it to him like a glue.
  And Cheng Haoxuan was the type of person who liked to get into trouble, and won’t be reserved for the ones he sees.
  Huo Yu had been fighting these women since he was blissfully ignorant of knowing about her feelings.
  “Yeah, I heard that his family and your family are planning to work together on a project, and you’re about to get engaged. At this time, you have to show the strength of a proper main wife!” The other woman flinched.
  Lin Shuwei didn’t say anything, she was looking at Huo Yu’s face and frowning slightly.
  She’s flamboyant and arrogant woman, how could she like a man like that?
  Cheng Haoxuan’s conduct, Lin Shuwei hadn’t paid attention to it before.
  But from what those people said, it seemed that Cheng Haoxuan have many women.
  Lin Shuwei felt he was unworthy for Huo Yu.

  Huo Yu was talking with several women many times. It may be a long time habit. She really felt jealous and angry. Her anger boiled up and her face condensed. She grinded her heels and went menacingly to the billiard hall where Cheng Haoxuan was.
  Huo Yu walked inside the billiard hall. Cheng Haoxuan, who was flirting with a slender woman, saw Huo Yu. There was a hint of disgust in his eyes. With one hand, he hold the woman’s waist and kissed her, the two of them kissing like there were no one else.
  Huo Yu’s strength was drained by the look Cheng Haoxuan has given her before.  
  As she watched them kiss, Huo Yu turned pale, took a few steps backwards, turned around and ran away.
  Lin Shuwei who followed Huo Yu, was one step late to get inside, also saw what was going on inside, and her impression of Cheng Haoxuan grew worse.
  Huo Yu ran away, Lin Shuwei also followed after her.
  Cheng Haoxuan, who was in the afterglow after kissing, still paid attention to Huo Yu, saw Lin Shuwei behind her and froze, he just wanted to piss off Huo Yu, why was Lin Shuwei here!

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