Villainess With Cat Changing System

Author: Xiao Lan

Translator: Xiao Wentian

Editor: Kirishima Ririka

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  Chapter 21: Going Online

Huo Yu ran to her own room, sat at the bar and poured a drink on the side of the bar, tilting her neck and started drinking.

After seeing Cheng Haoxuan being intimate with other women, Huo Yu felt she was burned, as if her heart was being stabbed a thousand times.

Cheng Haoxuan was doing it on purpose to show off to her.

He wanted to disgust her.

He didn’t show any mercy.

In the past, when a woman came up to him, Cheng Haoxuan had never been so close to her. He also treated Lin Shuwei differently, and has met her many times with a very good attitude.

But this time, he kissed another woman in front of her!

This is the man I’ve loved for so many years!

Huo Yu’s eyes were red, didn’t want to think about those things, but they kept rushing into her head.

She poured herself another glass of wine and tried to drink it down in one gulp when her wrist was grabbed.

It was Lin Shuwei who had followed her.

“Are you trying to control me!?”Huo Yu turned her eyes to Lin Shuwei and said with no grace.

“Drink slowly.” Lin Shuwei said softly as she looked at Huo Yu, handing over the tissue on her hand.

Lin Shuwei’s eyes were gentle and compassionate, and Huo Yu felt annoyed and embarrassed, as if she was being seen in private.

Huo Yu pushed Lin Shuwei’s hand away and rubbed her face with her hand, only to find that her tears were falling and there were wine stains all over the corners of her mouth.

Huo Yu took a tissue and wiped it off, continue to drink the wine, but not as quickly as before.

Being watched by Lin Shuwei while she was drinking, Huo Yu was uncomfortable, the effects of the events of just now to her seemed to have faded a little.

After Huo Yu finished her glass, Lin Shuwei poured her a glass.

Huo Yu took it and continued drinking.

An assistant should do what an assistant does.

Lin Shuwei thought Huo Yu would drink a few more glass, but she didn’t expect Huo Yu’s face to change after drinking two or three glass.

But such a beautiful and bewitching appearance, looking sad, eyes filled with tears, inexplicably looked a little pitiful.

Lin Shuwei was dumbfounded at what she has seen.

Huo Yu obviously wasn’t very good at drinking and was already drunk.

She lowered her head and laughed coldly a few times, and her appearance turned cold and stern again, yet her tears still gathered and fell.

“Big brother Huoxuan, why did you turn into a dog man[1] just like everyone else! Damn you!” Huo Yu said in a low voice.

Lin Shuwei took Huo Yu’s shoulder and patted it.

Since they were both woman, and Lin Shuwei was a delicate and gentle person, she sympathized with Huo Yu’s pain and wanted to comfort her.

“Lin Shuwei, you saw it too, why are you not unhappy?” Huo Yu pushed Lin Shuwei’s arm away wiping away the tears on her face and looked at Lin Shuwei.

Lin Shuwei’s happiness value didn’t change and 006 had been silent.

“It has nothing to do with me, so why should I be unhappy? He did that, so why are you stubbornly clinging on him? You’ll meet someone better.” Lin Shuwei withdrew her hand and looked at Huo Yu while saying sincerely.

“You make it sound simple. You aren’t me. We grew up together and when we were kids, he took me to play with me and protected me. He has always been good to me…but why, after growing up, everything changed? He doesn’t like me and likes someone else? What good are those women?!” Huo Yu snorted.

“Why do you like him when it’s so painful?” Lin Shuwei said.

“You have no idea!” Huo Yu was exhilarated.

She wasn’t a good drinker after drinking two more glass, her straight back bent down to the back, and her speech was a little unclear as she couldn’t organize her speech.

Lin Shuwei witnessed an invisible knife stabbed all over Huo Yu’s body.

Huo Yu’s drunkenness came up, her face became redder, tilting her head with her hands, her long curly hair falling to the side. She was looking at Lin Shuwei’s with a confused looks.

Even after looking at more beautiful women in the entertainment industry, Lin Shuwei still thought that Huo Yu is very stunning.

Different beauty at different times.

At this time, her eyes were confused, her expression turned lazy, and although her eyes were half open, she could also see water and bright light.

Her lips, especially beautiful, slightly thicker, not too thick, slightly pursed, sexy, dainty, as if, she was prepared to be kissed.

The sudden thought that popped up, made Lin Shuwei felt astonished, and shook her head to shake off the thought.

“President Huo, stop drinking. That’s enough.” Lin Shuwei removed the wine glass.

Huo Yu squinted and slowly leaned closer to Lin Shuwei, as if to confirm.

“Lin Shuwei, it’s you, why are you everywhere? Why are you always unhappy? Why are you so annoying!” Before, Huo Yu didn’t allow Lin Shuwei to touch her, but at this time she was lying on Lin Shuwei while saying such things, Lin Shuwei didn’t quite understand her words.

Lin Shuwei’s brain had a question mark.

Why is her happiness become Huo Yu’s business?

As if she had no bones, Huo Yu couldn’t support her body and collapsed on Lin Shuwei’s, and because of their unstable center of gravity fell on one side of the chair, Huo Yu chased after her and cupped Lin Shuwei’s face with both of her hands.

“What do you want? How can you be happy? I, this lady, will satisfy all your needs!” Huo Yu said.

“You’re drunk. I’ll take you home.” Lin Shuwei said. She didn’t expect drunk Huo Yu to be like this, talking and swearing clearly, yet somehow she was kinda cute.

“Why go home, there’s no one at home, it’s better to stay here, it’s crowded and lively! Why have you not answered my question?” Huo Yu asked Lin Shuwei and shook Lin Shuwei’s face.

The smell with alcohol and special scent washed all over Lin Shuwei’s face, and being pressed by the hot palm, Lin Shuwei felt like her face was on fire.

“You, answer me!” Huo Yu urged, pursing her lips in dissatisfaction.

Lin Shuwei looked dumbfounded, but before she could answer Huo Yu’s question, Huo Yu suddenly got up again.

The sound her his phone vibrating rang out.

Huo Yu looked around for her phone.

But she was spinning in circles around her in the same place.

Lin Shuwei picked up Huo Yu’s phone from the ground and saw a line of alarm clock reminders on the phone, “Fan Mission Time”.

“Fan mission?” Lin Shuwei looked at it strangely, the phone was taken by Huo Yu.

“Ah, so annoying, it’s time for another mission! Lin Shuwei, you stinky woman, when will you notice me!” Huo Yu took the phone, talking to herself, completely ignoring Lin Shuwei, unlocking the phone and tapping on it.

Lin Shuwei looked at the mobile phone.

Huo Yu opened her own Weibo, and the account name on top was “Lin Shuwei’s Personal Young Babe.”

Lin Shuwei was stunned!

What’s going on here?

Lin Shuwei rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t mistaken.

Huo Yu frowned as she babbled and complained about Lin Shuwei while she was typing.

Lin Shuwei didn’t read the words Huo Yu has typed, she opened her phone and searched for “Lin Shuwei’s Personal Young Babe” on her phone.

It didn’t follow anyone else, only followed Lin Shuwei’s account.

All of her Weibo posts were praising by Lin Shuwei, backing Lin Shuwei, fighting with haters and so on.

She has also sent private messages to her, which started from being serious, yet as if she was going through a learning process, began to become “dazzling”.

“Lin Shuwei, don’t be depressed, there’s nothing you can’t handle.”

“If you care about what people say, you shouldn’t be an actress!”

“Big sister, do you only have stars in your eyes? I just want to be a little star in your eyes.”

“Today is another day of me being charmed by my big sister’s beauty! You’re the best, big sister!”

“Be confident, big sister, because you are my fairy, and fairies are the most beautiful!”

Lin Shuwei read at it and fell into a state of speechlessness.

Big sister?

She read it again, and Lin Shuwei got goosebumps.

Huo Yu is a fan of me?

Has she personally encouraged and comforted me with an alt when I was down and under attack?

Don’t tell me, she has made her company give me all kinds of concessions, promises, and it was all genuine?

Lin Shuwei has been very busy lately, and has gotten a lot of followers, private messages, and @/mentions from some of her content.

I didn’t expect Huo Yu to be a hidden fan!

Since she had been in the Tianyu Company before, she questioned everything that came to her with question marks, possibly pranks, traps and such.

But what is this?

Huo Yu was drunk, so it was impossible for her to act and lie.

She did this thing behind my back.

Being my own fan behind her back, cheering me herself, and not letting me know?

And today’s events weren’t a coincidence, that it was only because Huo Yu had been watching her that she found out that she was being locked up?

Lin Shuwei’s eyes were complicated as she looked at Huo Yu who was conscientiously doing fan tasks.

“Quickly add me to the group! Come on! Me me me, look at how many rainbow farts I have sent out, isn’t it obvious enough that I’m a true fan?!” After Huo Yu clicked to send on the application, she looked at her phone and said anxiously.

These days, Huo Yu was still insisting on being a fan of Lin Shuwei, only wanting Lin Shuwei to see what she said and know that with a fan like her supporting her, the happiness value can increase a little.

However, since Lin Shuwei wasn’t available, Huo Yu couldn’t be added into Lin Shuwei’s fan group.[2]

“…” Lin Shuwei was speechless and looked at her fan group. She was one of the administrators. Sure enough, she saw the application issued by “Lin Shuwei’s personal young baby”.

Lin Shuwei clicked agree and added Huo Yu to her fan group.

Huo Yu looked at the screen for a few seconds, then saw that she was admitted in the group and actually jumped up with joy.

“Finally, I’m in!” Huo Yu was a little excited.

Lin Shuwei looked at the smiling Huo Yu, looking stunned.

Huo Yu’s emotions were outgoing, and when she was happy, her smile was even brighter and naturally self-conscious.

Is this the same Huo Yu who looked so sad just now?

Is this the same Huo Yu who was mean and cold to her before?

Huo Yu entered the group and sent a big red envelope in order to get on good terms with everyone.

She would have been generous, but this time the brain is not awake, point out, and sent the maximum amount of 20,000 yuan.[3]

A group of people exploded, grabbing the red envelopes.

“Wow, local tyrant[4]! It’s really too heroic, isn’t it?”

“Local tyrant, local tyrant, can we be friends?”

“Tears of joy, we, Wei fans finally have Local tyrant!”

“Son, you’re a schoolboy taking your daddy’s phone, aren’t you? It’s dangerous.”

The fans in the group boiled.

Lin Shuwei’s forehead was sweating, what was Miss Huo playing at!

“Don’t make a wild guess. I’m a true fan. I hope Big Sister WeiWei can be happy and joyful. Big Sister WeiWei’s future happiness will depend on all of us! Let’s work together! We Wei Fan will definitely be able to support Sister Wei!”

Huo Yu let out an impassioned speech, and her look was followed by arousal.

Because the eyes focus inaccurate, the brain is not too clear, she typed a few words wrong, but the meaning were all understood.

Other people’s fans are all wishing their beloved idol a promising future, always walking the entertainment road and so on, this fan wished the idol “happiness and joy”, it seems to be a true fan!

She has moved the veteran fans in the group to tears.

Lin Shuwei still felt like she was dreaming.

This post didn’t fit well with Huo Yu’s image.

Huo Yu’s expression was uncontrolled at the moment, looking at the fans in the group to speak, she was silly and happy, looking cute, simple and silly.

Huo Yu typed a few more lines in the group, she became more drunk, the hands holding mobile phone were unsteady, stomach nausea, ran to the bathroom to vomit.

Lin Shuwei quickly gave Huo Yu a cup of water to rinse her mouth.

Huo Yu vomited uncomfortably, her face looked bitter, took Lin Shuwei’s cup of water and gargled.

Lin Shuwei gave Huo Yu her toothpaste and asked her to brush her teeth and wash her face.

Huo Yu nodded off sleepily, and shook as she brushed her teeth.

Lin Shuwei looked amused and held the person back, helping Huo Yu brush her teeth and wash her face.

Huo Yu was sleepy and wobbly, Lin Shuwei helped the person into the bed, took off her shoes and outer clothes, and covered her with a blanket.

Huo Yu’s face was bulging when she slept, her brows furrowed, and the redness around her eyes hadn’t gone down yet, as if she had returned to her previous sadness.

Lin Shuwei sat on the side watching Huo Yu.

She didn’t expect that in just one night, she would change her mind so much about a person.

No matter what Huo Yu’s purpose was for doing all this, currently, Lin Shuwei didn’t sense any malice.

She even thought Huo Yu was kinda cute.

The appearance of being wronged was the same like other girl.

They would cry and fuss when they drank wine, and their wine taste was still good.

As for the bewitching behavior, Lin Shuwei pressed it on the back of her mind for the time being.

“Ding, Lin Shuwei thinks the host is cute, happiness value +20.”

The 006 broadcast made the corner of Huo Yu’s mouth curl up with her closed and her cheeks turned red.

“Lin Shuwei, you stinky woman! Aren’t you shy!!!” Huo Yu mumbled something, his tone low and soft, coquettish.

Huo Yu acted confusing, and Lin Shuwei was at Huo Yu and only felt that Huo Yu was being cuter.

“Ding, Lin Shuwei thinks the host is cute, happiness value +30.”

006 continued broadcasting.

Lin Shuwei shook her head awake and stopped looking at Huo Yu, got up and also went to wash up, 006 then stopped broadcasting and Huo Yu slept a little deeper.

Lin Shuwei was ready to sleep a night on the couch.

Huo Yu was drunk, it was better to accompany her.

Lin Shuwei has finished washing when her cell phone rang. She looked at it, it was from Cheng Haoxuan. Several missed calls on the phone were also from him.

Lin Shuwei didn’t want to pay attention to Cheng Haoxuan, but she heard a knock on the door from outside.

“Hey, Mr. Cheng, President Huo is asleep. You can call her tomorrow.” Lin Shuwei answered the phone .

“I’m not looking for Xiao Yu. I’m looking for you.” Cheng Haoxuan was on the other end of the phone.
“What do you want from me?” Lin Shuwei asked.

“I want to explain to you what happened just now.” Cheng Haoxuan said.

“What’s there to explain? No need to explain to me, I don’t care.” Lin Shuwei said.

“Don’t hang up, I don’t care if you care or not, I have to say it. Xiao Yu has always liked me, but I don’t like her at all. I really don’t have feelings for her in that way of men and women. But she’s being too much. Just because of her, the Huo family and my family have recently been arranging our marriage and engagement! They don’t care what I think! That’s why I did this.” Cheng Haoxuan explained on the other end of the phone.

“Mr. Cheng, please don’t hurt her even if you don’t love her. You’ve already done a lot of damage to President Huo! I hope you find a good way to resolve this in a way that isn’t the way it is now. Sorry, it’s already late, I’ll hang up first.” Lin Shuwei said with a tense voice.

She couldn’t tell if what Cheng Haoxuan said was true or not, but Huo Yu’s sadness and pain was real.

Cheng Haoxuan has done unforgivable deeds.

Lin Shuwei hung up the phone, and Cheng Haoxuan who was standing outside the door looked very bad, but it was not good enough for him to knock on the door anymore.

“Big Brother Cheng, I, I’m so scared, why did you leave by yourself…” a woman’s soft, uneasy voice sounded, and came a woman wearing a white sweater, white skirt, long straight hair, wearing nude makeup, appearing innocent.

The makeup this woman wore was very similar to Lin Shuwei, and even her temperament was a bit like Lin Shuwei.

The lip shape, eye shape, and hairstyle were all very similar to Lin Shuwei’s.

It was just that the eyes didn’t have Lin Shuwei’s radiance, and looked like they contained a deliberate attempt to please, with a hint of well-hidden calculations.

Even though the make-up was skilled, she was still far less than Lin Shuwei’s.

“Big Brother Cheng?” The woman stepped closer to Cheng Haoxuan and pulled him in, her voice soft, her eyes dependent.

Cheng Haoxuan turned his head to look, with disgust in his eyes.

Before, it was only when she looked a bit like Lin Shuwei that she spoke to her more when she posted up with her poor acting skills, and it just so happened that Huo Yu came and used her to block Huo Yu.

At this point, having Lin Shuwei misunderstood along with her, Cheng Haoxuan naturally wasn’t in the mood to talk more with this woman.

“Get out of my way!” Cheng Haoxuan said striding away.

Leaving that woman frozen in place with a bitter expression on her face.

“Lin Shuwei!!!” The woman looked towards the closed door and gritted her teeth, resentment in her eyes.

She didn’t chase after Cheng Haoxuan anymore, but turned around and left to go to the bathroom to remove her makeup, revealing her original appearance.

She was actually Lin Shuwei’s roommate, Pei Jingfei.

She had searched for Huo Yu for a long time, and with great difficulty after finding her, yet Huo Yu slapped her.

It made her plan impossible to proceed.

Her messages to Lin Shuwei’s sister, Lin Shuxiao, didn’t came through either.

So she thought of a way to put on Lin Shuwei imitation makeup and dress up like Lin Shuwei as well to come to the place where Huo Yu as well as the man, Cheng Haoxuan, would come and try her luck.

Her luck was good, and she actually ran into Cheng Haoxuan.

She is familiar with Cheng Haoxuan’s likes and dislikes, and imitates Lin Shuwei’s speech and behavior, pretending that she was brought here by her friend, who has disappeared, with an innocent look.

Cheng Haoxuan watched her with interest and spoke to her.

Seeing the handsome, leg-weakening man, Pei Jingfei’s heart was thrilled.

When Cheng Haoxuan kissed her, she was about to pass out.

However, everything was too short.

Cheng Haoxuan only kissed her for a short while before he let her go and chased after her.

Lin Shuwei and Huo Yu were both here!

Pei Jingfei didn’t know why the two of them are together, they’ve disturbed her possible further relationship with Cheng Haoxuan and made her resentful towards them.

After removing her makeup, Pei Jingfei put on her mask and left the nightclub, thinking back to the drama and how she could get closer to Cheng Haoxuan again and make him fall in love with her.

On the other hand, Lin Shuwei hang up the phone and went to check on Huo Yu.

Huo Yu was a bit uncomfortable and the blanket was kicked off.

Lin Shuwei looked at Huo Yu and somehow remembered her kitten.

I haven’t seen it all day today, and I wonder if it’s used to living there?

She kinda miss it!

The sleeping Huo Yu heard 006’s broadcast, and even if she didn’t wake up, her brow was still furrowed.

Lin Shuwei tucked Huo Yu back into bed, seeing that Huo Yu was having a hard time, probably because her stomach was uncomfortable and her mouth was dry, he poured a cup of warm water for Huo Yu to drink.

Huo Yu was really thirsty, and drank a cup of water Lin Shuwei was holding, and smacked her mouth after pursing her lips, smelling the familiar scent of Lin Shuwei’s body, her head fell on Lin Shuwei’s body, and she wrapped an arm around Lin Shuwei’s neck, rubbing her head hard on Lin Shuwei’s neck.

Even in her sleep, she wanted to raise her happiness level, and thought she was in a cat form, hugging Lin Shuwei with her long arms and legs, rubbing her head and hugging her with her hands.

The result was that she hugged Lin Shuwei’s whole body.

Lin Shuwei stiffened and the cup in her hand fell to the floor.

President Huo, who was acting kinda cute, suddenly bring out a blush to her face.

“President Huo…” Lin Shuwei patted Huo Yu.

“Lin Shuwei, you’re going to be happy!” Huo Yu whispered and held her tighter.

Lin Shuwei wanted to break free, but as she heard Huo Yu’s words, she was stunned, and was locked tight by Huo Yu.

President Huo, Eldest Miss Huo, what the hell are you thinking in your head!?

Huo Yu fell asleep and slept soundly, using Lin Shuwei as a pillow.

Lin Shuwei didn’t break away, looking at the ceiling helplessly, reached out and pulled the blanket to cover themselves.

It was a little awkward at first, but Lin Shuwei had been tired all day and had been running around with Huo Yu at night, and it was past midnight, so it wasn’t long before she fell asleep.

Before she knew it, it was dawn.

Huo Yu woke up first.

She woke up because she was thirsty.

Opening her eyes in a daze, Huo Yu felt that something was wrong with her surrounding, too warm and soft, what was it?

When her eyes focused, a plain, delicate face came into view.

What white skin!

The color of the lips is beautiful!

Wait, isn’t this Lin Shuwei?!

Huo Yu reacted by calling out, scuffling and jumping up.

Lin Shuwei was awakened, sat up sleepy-eyed, because Huo Yu pressed into her arm, and waist were all numb, reached out and rubbed, looking at Huo Yu.

Huo Yu was standing there as if she had seen a ghost.

“Lin Shuwei, you, why are you here?” Huo Yu opened her mouth and felt her face was burning.

She remembered she was drunk.

Her drunkenness was said to be not very good.

Did she do something to Lin Shuwei….

But how is it possible when they are both neatly dressed?

That thought disappeared in an instant, and Huo Yu was worried about another thing.

She wouldn’t talk nonsense and tell Lin Shuwei that she could turn into a cat, would she?

“You woke up? How does it feel? You were drunk yesterday. I took care of you. Did you forget? You were holding me tightly, so I had to sleep like this. Sorry, I slept until dawn.” Lin Shuwei was quite relaxed as she looked at Huo Yu’s shocked appearance and smiled at her.

“… When I was drunk yesterday, I didn’t say anything strange, right?” Huo Yu cleared her throat, she calmed down, and asked Lin Shuwei.

“There’s nothing strange ah. You drank some wine and went off to play with your phone. Then you kept nodding off, so I helped you go to sleep.” Lin Shuwei said without blinking, looking very innocent.

She was a professional actress and no one could see a flaw in this lie at all.

Lin Shuwei remained silent after she knew about Huo Yu’s secret.

If Huo Yu wants to hide it, let’s hide it.

She’d like to see what else Huo Yu would do next.

“Well, I know. You did a good job as my assistant yesterday. Continue today.” Huo Yu saw that Lin Shuwei didn’t know her secret, so she shouldn’t lie, and she managed her expressions, looking like a superior praising a subordinate.

“Okay, President Huo.” Lin Shuwei responded obediently. From Huo Yu’s words, Huo Yu really didn’t remember what happened after a drunken night.

This was also a cute attribute.

Still, this deliberately pouting face was also cute.

“Ding, Lin Shuwei thinks the host is cute, happiness value +20,” Huo Yu heard 006’s broadcast.

006’s summary wouldn’t be very detailed and would only barely mention it.

Huo Yu’s mouth twitched, what cuteness?

Was she thinking about her cat again?

She’s not concentrating on her work and she’s thinking about cats!

“Is there anything else you want, President Huo? Is it okay if I go over to the training base early?” Lin Shuwei looked at Huo Yu and asked.

“No! You will follow me for breakfast and stuff, and after that I have some itineraries that you need to record and prepare.” Huo Yu immediately said.

She really did miss kitty!

She was determined not to let her go see kitty.

Lin Shuwei was trying to stop by to see the cat, but Huo Yu didn’t agree, so she could only follow Huo Yu.

Such an awkward thing in the morning completely drew Huo Yu’s attention away.

She forgot that she was drunk yesterday.

After Huo Yu went to the bathroom alone and closed the door, she rubbed her face.

She didn’t want to see Lin Shuwei in person before.

But if she didn’t keep Lin Shuwei glued to her, Lin Shuwei could go see the cat at any time, and she would have to run one step ahead of Lin Shuwei to be a kitty so Lin Shuwei could hold and rub her.

By contrast, it was better for her to stay by her side.

Staying by Lin Shuwei’s side, it should be fine as long as Lin Shuwei’s happiness value didn’t decrease.

When she really miss it very much, if the happiness value drops excessively, she would let Lin Shuwei take a look at kitty.

After Huo Yu finished washing up, her heart eased a little, and when she came out, her look became serious again, cold and arrogant mode.

Lin Shuwei was surprised, it was like Huo Yu had gone for a face-lift.

This private room has a change of clothes, Huo Yu changed her outfit, red series, red loose suit, inner white shirt, with fair skin, proud look, such as a lone red rose, more than a few handsome sprinkles.

“There are clothes in the closet, so if you want to change, go pick them out. If you don’t change, there’s a dryer over there, so you can wash and dry the clothes when you take a shower.” Huo Yu spoke to Lin Shuwei.

Lin Shuwei chose to wash her own clothes when she went to the washroom and didn’t wear Huo Yu’s clothes. Huo Yu’s body shape was similar to hers, but her style of dressing, was different from hers.

As Lin Shuwei cleaned up, Huo Yu had already ordered a meal and brought it in.

As Lin Shuwei looked at it, this lady’s breakfast was also on the sweet side of Western style.

She really wondered if Huo Yu had any cavities in her teeth.

After the meal, Huo Yu arranged some of the things he had uncovered from Xiang Xiaoli’s side to Lin Shuwei.

Huo Yu was the head of Tianyu Company, there were still some occasions that needed to be attended, and all those days she had been a cat everything had been delayed, and now they were all picked up.

After arranging Lin Shuwei to work as the assistant to the fullest, Huo Yu drove Lin Shuwei to the training base.

Huo Yu was only relieved when she watched Lin Shuwei enter the training base.

Huo Yu drove away, noticing someone on the side with a camera was filming her.

Huo Yu planned to go home for a visit.

Huo Yu didn’t really want to go home. Besides her and Huo Zhen, Huo Yu’s family consisted of Huo’s father, Huo Linjian, and her young stepmother, who wasn’t much older than Huo Yu.

Huo’s father and brother are very busy and are rarely home, and the young stepmother is not close to her.

Huo Yu had no attachment to home, she only had a good relationship with her brother.

This time, she went back mainly because she wanted to talk about her engagement to Cheng Haoxuan, so she didn’t need to be busy at home anymore.

The two families were closer before, always gossiping of them.

Huo Yu really took it seriously before, liking Cheng Haoxuan and wanting them to establish a formal relationship with him.

Huo Yu had always wanted to establish a formal relationship with Cheng Haoxuan back then.

Her family also meant it, but Cheng family didn’t agree to it, so it was delayed for some days.

Yesterday a few gossipy women told her that the Huo family was going to cooperate with the Cheng family on a project, she guessed the Cheng family had pressured Cheng Haoxuan, and as a result he became angry.

Cheng Haoxuan has refused her like that, and Huo Yu didn’t want to rely on him.

No matter what, it’s better to end this relationship once and for all.

Before Huo Yu arrived home, she received a call from the young stepmother, Chen Zhenni, on the way.

“Xiao Yu, the date of your engagement with Haoxuan, it’s set! I have an appointment today with your uncle and aunt Cheng to discuss the details of the engagement, you have to come, you can choose what you like.” Chen Zhenni said in a cheerful tone.

“…I’m free, where is it? I’ll get Cheng Haoxuan to come together.” Huo Yu said.

Chen Zhenni hertold Huo Yu the address, and Huo Yu hung up the phone and called Huo Zhen, asking him to come over as well, then drove straight over.

The address was in the presidential suite of Cheng family’s five-star hotel.

As soon as Huo Yu arrived at the entrance of the hotel, she saw Cheng Haoxuan who was smoking outside.

When he saw Huo Yu, his eyes showed some annoyance.

Knowing that he didn’t want to, yet she still asked him to discuss the details of the engagement and choose something as well?

Is she sick!?

Cheng Haoxuan wanted to make it clear to Huo Yu, Huo Yu get off, did not even look at Cheng Haoxuan, passed by him, directly get in and pressed the elevator’s button.

Cheng Haoxuan walked quickly, but he couldn’t catch up with Huo Yu’s elevator.
Cheng Haoxuan only saw the elevator door closed, Huo Yu gave him a cold gaze. Today’s Huo Yu was very different.

After Cheng Haoxuan took another elevator to go up, Huo Yu was greeting the two families.

“Haoxuan is here, let’s sit down and start.”Cheng Haoxuan came in and Chen Zhenni said with a smile.

“No need. Uncle Cheng, Aunt Cheng, Dad, Aunt Chen[5], I came here today mainly to say that I don’t want to get engaged to Chen Haoxuan, and I don’t have to do any of these things.” Huo Yu said very calmly.

Cheng Haoxuan had looked like he wasn’t happy and was ready to argue, but he didn’t expect Huo Yu to say it directly.

“Why aren’t you engaged? Didn’t you used to like Haoxuan?” Chen Zhenni was surprised, she had been stirring up trouble for half a day and wanted to please Huo Yu, but Huo Yu turned out to be reluctant.

“Did this brat piss you off again? Xiao Yu, promise that after the engagement, I will restrain him properly. Men, for one thing, are free to wander outside before marriage, but after marriage they will be fine.” Cheng Haoxuan’s mother said.

“Xiao Yu, do you mean what you say?” Huo Zhen looked at Huo Yu in question, noting the area around her eyes that were still a little red.

“What I said is true. Cheng Haoxuan has someone he likes, he has never liked me, I used to be ignorant and used to have a hard time with it. Now I’ve figured it out. I’m sorry for bothering you guys.” Huo Yu said, bowing to a few people.

The few elders were taken aback by Huo Yu’s appearance.

Usually Huo Yu was spoilt and ill-tempered, where had she ever been so polite and sincere!

“What childish talk. It’s normal for two people to have a little conflict.” Cheng mother said with a smile on her stunned face.

“Yeah. Xiao Yu, if there’s anything Haoxuan is doing wrong, you can tell us!” Cheng Haoxuan’s father said, apparently he was also unwilling to break off the engagement.

“Engagement is not a child’s play, the previous trouble for so long, this said not to be engaged, what a joke!If you don’t want to talk, just leave. Just show up when you’re engaged!” Father Huo pulled a face and said.

“What I said is true. There will be no going back on it! You want to collaborate on a project, leave me out of it! I’m not going to get engaged, you’re going to get engaged!”[6] Huo Yu saw Father Huo’s look and said.

“You are childish, do you think everything is up to you!?” Father Huo was angry.

“If you guys want to talk, just talk!” Huo Yu was also angry. Father Huo was always like that, and Huo Yu really didn’t want to talk to him much.

The two families were working together on a project, and the official marriage had been let out to go, which made the two projects go well.

Now that Huo Yu, who had been on board, had gone back on her word, many of the things she had done before would have to be recalculated.

“You leave, then you leave and don’t come back!” Father Huo was angry.

Huo Yu turned around and left, she had gotten the message.

She wouldn’t be tied with Cheng Haoxuan now anyway, not wanting to have anything to do with him.

Cheng Haoxuan looked at Huo Yu’s stubborn look, who wasn’t even looking at him, and suddenly his heart was a little uncomfortable again.

It turned out that the person whose eyes were only fixed on him as long as he was there, would actually turn ignorant of him one day!

“I don’t agree, and neither does Huo Yu, isn’t that just right?” Cheng Haoxuan said and also left in big strides.

“Uncle Cheng, aunt Cheng, the engagement, Haoxuan already did not agree to it, and now Xiao Yu also does not agree to it, we should go back separately today. Projects are projects, and the happiness of the two is the most important thing.” Huo Zhen said to a few people.

The situation was already like this, there was no point for them to sit down and talk about the various aspects of the engagement, it was better to go back to each of them to get their respective projects done first.

Huo Zhen was looking for a driver to take his father and stepmother back, and was going to find Huo Yu.

“You tell Huo Yu that her card is frozen from now on! She won’t get any more money from finance! She’s the one who’s going bankrupt now, let her toss! All day long, making a scene, let her be, for a while!” Before Huo Zhen left, Father Huo was exasperated as he talked with Huo Zhen.

All of them were angry, and Huo Zhen didn’t even bothered to take care of them and went straight to Huo Yu.

“Just freeze it. It’s time for me to find my own way to earn money.” Huo Yu said after hearing what Huo Zhen said.

“Did Cheng Haoxuan bully you? I’ll take care of it for you.” Huo Zhen was even more concerned about that.

“He’s just doing what he wants to do. I’m the one who was stupid enough to get involved. Don’t go looking for him, I don’t want anything to do with him anymore.” Huo Yu said.

“It’s good that you have figured it out. Don’t worry about the marriage with Cheng Haoxuan, I’ll convince Dad. Where are you going now? Go home and rest for a few days, just wait for Dad’s anger to subside.” Huo Zhen said, although his words were gentle, his heart was calculating, and he knew it was no small thing to make Huo Yu so desperate.

“I’m not going home. I’m going to have some fun, so you, go get busy and leave me alone.” Huo Yu said.

After saying a few words, they parted, Huo Yu went over to the training base, she wanted to exercise and picked up Lin Shuwei when the time came to leave.

“Ding, Lin Shuwei saw a bad comment, happiness value -10.”

As soon as Huo Yu arrived over at the training base, she heard the 006 broadcast.

This time the happiness value that saw the bad rating was lowered by quite a bit, but it was still lowered.

Huo Yu was very concerned and opened her phone to search for Lin Shuwei.

Lin Shuwei is suspected to ride the rich second generation car to pick her to and off the nightclub
It’s said that Lin Shuwei’s resources are from sleeping with X

Huo Yu’s face turned not too good after a few swipes.

Who is this person, so psychotic!?

It’s amazing to make such news.

The car had been driven by Huo Zhen before, and she was the one who drove it yesterday.

But these so-called photos only took pictures of the car, and of Lin Shuwei entering and exiting the car, not her.

They didn’t take pictures of Huo Yu at all.

Huo Yu made a call to Big Sister Liu.

“That car is mine, my brother bought it for me. I drove it and my brother drove it, yesterday it was me! This is all nonsense, we need to find the correct surveillance evidence, video would be best, quickly clarify. Whoever spreads rumors, just send a lawyer letter. Whoever is behind this trouble, help me investigate.” Huo Yu said.

It’s not easy for her to clean up the bad news, but it’s a lot to make out, and there’s a lot of silly people who can only follow the wind and curse the “common people”, as if someone is operating from behind.

The company’s official account has been clarified by Huo Yu, and she also forwarded it on.

Huo Yu switched to the alt and found a lot of negative comments.

“Ding, Lin Shuwei saw the host’s support, happiness value +20.”

Huo Yu disliked the post, @Lin Shuwei told her not to care, and immediately received feedback from Lin Shuwei.

This made Huo Yu happy, seeing that she had even been added to the fan group and sent out such a big red envelope, remembering Lin Shuwei’s previous comment, saying that she had been playing with her phone.

She was so confused that she has been added to the fan group.

And immediately got Lin Shuwei’s feedback, so it’s a good thing she didn’t do all those fan missions for nothing.

On the other hand, Lin Shuwei who was in rest time was seeing Weibo, the quality of her heart has been a lot stronger, but she was still pissed off by plain dirty water poured on her.

But seeing the reply and comfort of “Lin Shuwei’s Personal Young babe”, Lin Shuwei’s bad mood was suddenly restored.

Huo Yu personally torn marketing number and black powder, tearing until her hands are sore, before stopping to go inside the training base.

Huo Yu was ready exercise and vent her frustration.

As Huo Yu went to exercise, Huo Zhen went to Cheng Haoxuan and punched him twice.

Cheng Haoxuan knew he’s at a disadvantage and didn’t dodge it.

The matter with the Huo family is basically out of the question if Huo Zhen doesn’t agree.

Huo Zhen gave Huo Yu an outburst, tidied up his clothes, and drove to a soup shop to pick up the long-simmering nourishing soup that was scheduled to be sent to the hospital.

In the hospital, Lin Shuxiao was holding a cell phone with a bitter face.

Before she had been subjected to some news from Pei Jingfei, saying that Lin Shuwei was with a playboy, sleeping with a company’s higher up, and that’s why she had the resources, and the ability to suppress the negative comments again and again and only had the positive comments.

Now, someone had even popped up.

Although it was only a mention of ‘Huo’, who is it if not Huo Zhen?

That gentle looking man, did he really played with my big sister?

Lin Shuxiao was thinking when Huo Zhen came with soup.

“Why are you frowning? What’s going on?” Huo Zhen put the thermos down to look at Lin Shuxiao and asked softly.

In the beginning, Huo Yu had always told Huo Zhen to be kind to Lin sisters. He got along with them a few times. Huo Zhen had a little pity for Lin Shuxiao, a sick and weak crybaby and pitiful girl.

After asking the doctor, and knowing that Lin Shuxiao was suitable for this kind of nourishing soup, he had specially ordered a portion, using the best herbs.

Don’t look at it as just a simple medicinal soup of less than five hundred milliliters, but it cost over a hundred thousand yuan.

“Huo Zhen, you, don’t bully my big sister, if you want to bully, you can bully me, just do it!” Lin Shuxiao was already crying when she raised her eyes to look at Huo Zhen.[7]

“…” Huo Zhen was stunned, what was this little girl thinking, saying such words.

“My big sister, she’s already tired and suffering enough. Please, don’t torture her anymore, okay?” Lin Shuxiao said.

“What happened, can you tell me?” Huo Zhen wiped Lin Shuxiao’s tears with a tissue and asked calmly.

“Look!” Lin Shuxiao took the phone and showed it to Huo Zhen.

Huo Zhen looked at it a few times, his brows furrowed.

Someone had deliberately gathered distorted news and send it to Lin Shuxiao and gossiped about him.

But he and Lin Shuwei weren’t interested in each other at all!



  1. Male version of b•tch
  2. Huo Yu wanted to add herself using Lin Shuwei’s phone.
  3. So in the red envelopes, it is divided into several envelopes, and the numbers when added is 20k. You grab a red envelopes and get random money number.
  4. Tu Hao. Aka Local Tyrant, a slang of nouveau riche
  5. This Aunt Chen refers to Chen Zhenni, Huo Yu’s stepmom
  6. This… Is similar to, when A swear at B that B is X, B will say to A: I’m not X, You are X
  7. Bullying in… Lewd sense

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